The possession of the EUROPHARM CLUB CARD enables you to become part of the Club users of the services of the unique PHARMACEUTICAL SUPERRBAND in the Republic of Macedonia.

With the EURO-PHARM CLUB CARD, you can entrust completely the care of your pharmacotherpay to us.

The EURO-PHARM CLUB CARD will enable you to be in course with all up-to-date information associated with drugs at home and abroad.

The EURO-PHARM CARD will allow you access to information that will help you provide drugs, cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products which are part of the rich pallet of products available in the EURO-PHRM pharmacies.

As an owner of the EURO-PHARM CLUB CARD, if you wish, you can constantly be updated with the EURO-PHARM novelties.

By possessing this Card, all your quarterly accounts are registered and each denar is translated into a point. If during a quarterly period you collect 2000-4999 points, you get a value voucher of 3% of the total amount. If you collect 5000-7999 points, your value voucher is 4% of the total amount and if you collect over 8000 points, you get 5% of the total amount.

Sixteen-year existence, 97 pharmacies throughout the country and 385 professional employees are always available to you.

Now is the time to advance our mutual trust to the UPPER LEVEL

We exist to take care of your health