About us

The pharmaceutical company PHI –EUROPHARM pharmacies – emerges on the pharmaceutical market in the Republic of Macedonia on 09.12.2000, when the first pharmacy of the current chain of EURO-PHARM pharmacies was opened in the premises of the supermarket Vero 2 in the settlement Taftalige – Skopje.

Since then, following the tenets of Good Pharmacy Practice and adhering to our own motto “We exist to take care of your health”, the professional team of our company, along with the management of the company, succeeded in creating the Macedonian pharmaceutical superbrand EYRO-PHARM.Evidence of this is the enormous number of our satisfied patients, clients and consumers who, in the past 17 years, have recognized the quality of our products, high level of professionalism and pharmaceutical care and therefore, gave us their trust.Since 2013 (for four successive years) the EURO-PHARM pharmacies have been declared as the SUPERBRAND of the pharmacy sector in the Republic of Mcedonia.

Our motto

We exist to take care of your health

The result of 0ur 17-year work are the present 97 pharmacies which employ 385 professionals. The EURO-PHARM pharmacies are located on carefully selected locations (hospitals, health institutions, trade centers, moles, hypermarkets, exclusive locations in the towns etc.). The pharmacies are recognized by their modern interior, a large pallet of pharmaceutical products (drugs, food supplements), cosmetic preparations, baby food and other products for extensive pharmaceutical consumption. In addition, a large pallet of medicinal devices, the cost of which is covered by the Health Insurance Fund, are also available. However, what we are especially proud of and what makes us widely recognized is the pharmaceutical care of the highest quality which, thanks to our highly qualified employees, is offered in the EURO-PHARM pharmacies. Since the very beginning of the company foundation,the management of the company knew that the success and development of the company depend on investing in a continuous specialized education of the company pharmaceutical and professional team. The quality of and dedication to our work has always been the imperatives of our functioning. Since 2014, the professional team of the EUROPHARM pharmacies is proud of its own magazine SEMEJNO ZDRAVJE (FAMILY HEALTH), a professional magazine published in 30000 copies after every second month and available free of charge to the patients and consumers in our pharmacies. The magazine SEMEJNO ZDRAVJE is carefully prepared so that our consumers can find a very interesting an important advice and subjects that have a great influence on the improvement of their health.

Moreover, our special pride is the locality card EUROPHARM and the club of over 140000 patients and consumers that possess this card and use its benefits in our pharmacies.

The EUROPHARM professional and managerial team is highly dedicated to the quality and continuous improvement of our work. We hope that the realization of detailed and carefully designed development plans for our future work will help us remain and strengthen our leading position in the pharmaceutical sector. The existing and foreseen challenges represent a high inspiration for us. Remember, we exist to take care of your health.